Artist Statement



Originally from PEI, Alexis moved away and made Halifax/Dartmouth her home for the last 15 years. This is where she received her BFA, majoring in ceramics at NSCAD University, where she established herself in arts administration at the Centre for Craft, and where she practices as a ceramic artist and technician.

My large-scale sculptural ceramics are inspired by organic forms often exaggerating  elements of nature and plant growth. The work investigates many aspects of plant forms, including phases of growth, habitat, and evolutionary traits. Initially, I begin with an existing plant form. Through the creating process the sculptures take on a life or their own as my hands  allow the pieces to grow into their own unique forms. I begin by coiling the clay from the ground up, pinching, pushing, and manipulating it while wet and then carving into it as it starts to dry. Through this process, I make decisions about texture and form, developing a narrative for each piece as I work. I create these fantastical plants with the intention of situating them both indoors and/ or outdoors. In each unique location the work becomes apart of its environment. In some instances it can be seen as an exotic alien specimen. While in others, to the viewer it may seem to be in its natural habitat only to then realize it too is in fact weird and wondrous. My creative objective is that as a collection or decoration these sculptures create a stimulating conversation and construct an unique environment.